Singing Sword

It's a sword that sings

weapon (melee)

Singing Sword
Player: Sarne
Weapon Type: Melee
Weapon Category: Sword
Properties: + 1 Attack and Damage, + 1d6 on critical
Power Chord
Encounter (Reaction)
Keywords: Melee, Performance
Trigger: You successfully hit with an attack
Effect: You affect one ally within Close Burst 5 range with a Performance check. This Performance check behaves as if done as a standard Action for the purposes of difficulty.


They say that, long ago, the ancient Kaldorei Queen Azshara had a brilliant, talented bard in her court by the name of Nerathel the Bold, who regaled the court with tales of his brilliance and daring do. Once he kept the Queen and her court entranced with his stories for a thousand and one days and nights of endless storytelling, singing and bravery.

…that doesn’t have anything to do with the sword, but it’s kind of cool, isn’t it?

Singing Sword

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