Oracle Staff

Staff, picked up from murlocs

weapon (ranged)

Oracle Staff
Player: Dagnyr
Weapon Type: Implement
Weapon Category: Staff
Properties: + 1 Attack and Damage, + 1d6 (Nature) on critical
Lightning Bolt
Encounter (Minor Action)
Keywords: Ranged, Implement, Nature
Range: 10 squares
Attack: + 4 vs. Will
Damage: 2d6 + 2 Nature

Note: To calculate the Lightning Bolt attack, add 4 as the base, then add the implement proficiency (2), then add the properties of the staff to both the attack and damage (so +1 to the attack roll and +1 to the damage roll).


This staff was retrieved by the party after the Oracles that summoned Dagun had retreated into the water. Perhaps even from the one that was horribly shot by Morendin. Who knows? the point is that it’s a staff made of knotted wood, topped by a blue-white orb and will help you cast the spells that make the people fall down better.

Oracle Staff

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