Blazing Rifle

It's a gun that fires harder.

weapon (ranged)

Blazing Rifle
Player: Morendin
Weapon Type: Ranged
Weapon Category: Gun
Properties: + 1 Attack and Damage, + 1d6 (Fire) on critical
Scatter Shot
Encounter (Minor Action)
Trigger: You successfully hit with an attack.
Effect: The target hit with your attack is Blinded until the end of your next turn.

Note: If this is being used with an attack that hits two targets, it only applies to one of the targets. If both shots hit, it is the first one. If only one shot hits, only the shot that hits can have this effect applied to it.


This rifle was found on murlocs that attacked Nat Pagle’s ship. No one quite knows why murlocs have a rifle. Perhaps they stole it?

Blazing Rifle

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